Get to know our team members

John Jadczak

Bainbridge MP

  • Bain & Co (S Africa, Nigeria)

  • Rwanda Development Board

  • ING Clarion Capital (NY)

  • Columbia BA, Wharton MBA

Paco Caparas

Bainbridge MP

  • Bain & Co (SEA)

  • Hungry Fish Media (Boston)

  • Goldman Sachs IM (NY)

  • Harvard BA, Wharton MBA

Derya Tanghe

Bainbridge MP

  • Global Strategic Associates (NY)

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch (NY)

  • Fordham University



Bainbridge MP

  • Redfoot Technologies (PH)

  • Paramount Life & General Insurance (PH)

  • Electronic Arts (Canada)

  • U of British Columbia

Emmanuel Caparas

Senior Adviser

  • Philippine Water & Legal Expert

  • Ex-Secretary of Justice (PH)

  • Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewerage System

  • University of the Philippines JD



Director of Operations

  • Water Project Management Expert

  • Bain & Co (Netherlands)

  • Air Liquide (US)

  • U of Texas- BS Mechanical Engineering, INSEAD MBA

Our Solutions

What We Offer

Our on-site water production solutions address each of these issues, and are built around our highly replicable, modularized turn-key model that is immediately scalable across the many regions in dire need for this solution.
A final very critical issue prevents innovative solutions like ours from ever entering the developing markets – the problem of financing. In order to overcome this hurdle, NXTLVL Water pays all upfront costs to design, construct, and install a turnkey solution. We only charge our clients for the water which they use, and at a cheaper rate than they would otherwise pay. This is the idea behind our guiding philosophy – the same or better for cheaper!

Small Scale SolutionS

Our micro solution (2,000 to 20,000 liters per day) is ideally sized to fulfill the drinking water needs of small communities. We have designed an innovative modularized water production unit, including both the production system and storefront, housed together within refurbished shipping containers. This all in one, turn-key system can be easily replicated from our central assembly plant, allowing for quick deployment and maximal ease of use.
The production capacity of our small scale solution is also ideally suited for solving the water needs of resorts, where we design bespoke on-site solutions.

Glasses of Water
Cargo Shipping Containers

Large Scale Business Solutions

Many industries have a need for higher volumes of clean water (up to ~2 million liters per day), including ice producers, the agriculture industry, and others. We work closely with these clients to design bespoke water production solutions that exactly fit their needs. These solutions are typically housed within 40-foot shipping containers (generally two or three), allowing for quick deployment, built-in security and flexible structural arrangements. As with all of our solutions, we guarantee the highest quality water, at a lower price than is otherwise available.

Our Technology

NXTLVL Water offers a variety of technical solutions to best fit the needs of the communities and clients with whom we work.

We have entered into a partnership with Elemental Water Producers from Delft, Netherlands to exclusively bring their innovative and award -winning desalination technology to the Philippines. This system is capable of running on 25%, 50%, or even 100% renewable energy, and uses a patented energy recovery device which enables the most efficient small scale water production on the market. This proprietary technology has recently been awarded first place at the prestigious Global MBR Water Awards.

We are actively investigating new and improved technologies across the globe, including dehumidification and multi stage flash distillation. As these production methodologies improve, their use case will broaden to the developing world market.

All technologies employed by NXTLVL Water address the four major water issues. The cost of our water is below the market rate in each community we enter. The quality of our water is guaranteed to be as good or better than anything on the market, and we provide continual technical readouts to ensure you know the exact quality of the water we produce. Since our solution draws water from the ocean and not inland sources like rivers, we can guarantee continual access to your required volume of water. And finally, because we use renewable energy and the most efficient production technology on the market, our solution does not harm the environment, and ensures a sustainable water supply for today and tomorrow.

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The Problem

There are four major issues in the provision of potable drinking water, and any full solution to clean water provision must address each of these problem areas. The issues are: cost, quality, access, and environment.


The price of clean drinking water is prohibitive in many developing countries, with the Philippines having some of the highest water costs in South-East Asia.


Due to poor infrastructure, the utility water piped to communities is usually not safe to drink. Every year many people in developing countries die from diseases caused by contaminated drinking water.


Aside from cost and quality, water is sometimes simply unavailable, due to dry season shortages. This severely impacts both individuals and businesses. The Philippines ranks 97th globally in access to clean drinking water


The energy intensive production of water in developing countries creates a high degree of pollution. Furthermore, the use of groundwater wells contributes to the sinking of islands, a major problem in the Philippines


NXTLVL Water, based in Manila, is a portfolio company of Bainbridge Management Partners. Our mission is to solve the clean water crisis in developing countries by providing innovative on-site potable water solutions.

We firmly believe that new technologies and localized distribution models can positively disrupt the water market in countries with underdeveloped infrastructure, providing a new solution to the age old problem of clean drinking water supply. We identify cutting edge technologies from around the globe and introduce them to developing markets, while building innovative decentralized distribution models that fit the local context in order to create sustainable success.


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